Aquascape Designs by NAFB
Aqua-Scaping Service

Hand-Selected Plants, Driftwood, Stones, Corals, Fish, & Decor

Whether you choose a marine or freshwater aquarium, our experienced team will work with you to ensure that the plants, corals, and fish inside your luxury aquarium are compatible with both your aesthetic desires and each other.

Our talented team will create a natural underwater layout that perfectly complements your home or office design. We will hand-select the aquatic life, choose a stunning array of flora and fauna to fill it, and build a filter system that creates an optimum living environment for the residents of your bespoke aquarium.

Our Aqua-Scaping Process:

• Consultation with an NAFB aquascape specialist
• Selecting the environment (freshwater or marine)
• Provide a choice of plants, driftwood, stones, fish, corals & decor
• Construction of the aquarium begins
• Start the biological chemistry of your aquarium
• Provide staff training and onsite tank management
• Regular monitoring and maintenance of aquarium and filtration systems carried out

Custom-Aquarium at NAFB
Custom-Aquarium NAFB

Aquarium Environments:

• Marine aquariums
• Tropical sea
• Marine coral reef (Red Sea, Australia, Indonesia)
• Mediterranean sea

Freshwater Aquariums:

• Amazon River
• Water sealed in Southeast Asia
• Water moves in Southeast Asia
• African lakes (Lake Tanganyika, Victoria, and Malawi)
• Rio Negro
• Central America
• African forest
• Brackish water
• Australia and New Guinea
• African seasonal lagoons


Aqua-Scaping Installations

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