Onsite Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance Service In Toronto

Professional Aquarium Maintenance Service

Maintaining a clean aquarium is essential for the overall health and vitality of the fish, plants, and corals. Keeping it clean and well-maintained is essential to ensure your aquarium is in the best possible condition. However, given the complexity of aquarium maintenance, it is best to entrust this task to trained professionals with the expertise to ensure that your aquarium remains in optimal condition.

North American Fish Breeders offers customized maintenance programs for freshwater and marine aquariums tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, we can provide expert training to your staff to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to care for your luxury home or commercial aquarium.

Fresh & Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Services:

Key Benefits of Our Aquarium Maintenance Service – Expert Care for Your Aquatic Pets

  1. Restore your existing tank to a pristine condition
  2. Regular water changes to maintain healthy water conditions
  3. Cleaning of aquarium glass, decorations, and filtration systems
  4. Testing and adjustment of water chemistry as needed
  5. Service all equipment onsite such as heaters, pumps, and lights
  6. Inspect and replace filter media as needed
  7. Inspect for signs of illness or disease in fish and other aquatic animals
  8. Provide medication and or hospitalization (additional cost)
  9. Re-stock fish (additional cost)
  10. Replace older or damaged corals and plants (additional cost)
  11. Remote management and maintenance services available for minimal business disruption
  12. Short-term fish sitting service available upon request

Maximize the Health and Beauty of Your Aquarium – The Advantages of Professional Maintenance

  • Improved water quality for healthier fish and aquatic animals
  • Reduced risk of disease outbreaks and aquarium problems
  • Increased lifespan and vitality of fish and aquatic animals
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal of the aquarium
  • Peace of mind knowing that your aquarium is being professionally maintained by experts

With regular maintenance, your aquarium can be a beautiful and healthy environment for your fish and aquatic animals. Our skilled professionals will ensure that your aquarium is maintained to the highest standards, providing you with the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. Say goodbye to the stress of maintaining your aquarium yourself, and let us take care of everything for you.

Sign up for our Aquarium Maintenance Service and let us take care of your aquatic pets while you sit back and enjoy them hassle-free!

General Health Check-up Aquariums by NAFB

Onsite Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance Service Plans

We want to make sure that your aquarium is in tip-top shape, so we thoroughly check everything during every cleaning and maintenance visit. This way, we can prevent any problems before they happen. Plus, we provide you with a visit report charting the health of your aquarium after each maintenance, so you’re always in the loop.

Base Aquarium Maintenance Plan

$ 100 Starting at per visit
  • Test and adjust water parameters (pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)
  • Perform partial water changes
  • Clean aquarium glass, décor, and equipment
  • Vacuum gravel/sand substrate
  • Inspect and replace filter media as needed (additional cost for media)
  • Address any concerns or questions you may have

Deluxe Aquarium Maintenance Plan

$ 160 Starting at per visit
  • All services from Base Aquarium Maintenance Plan plus:
  • Feed and monitor fish remotely
  • Clean and inspect the protein skimmer (if applicable)
  • Check and adjust the lighting schedule
  • Check and adjust heater settings
  • Check and adjust heater settings
  • Inspect and clean plumbing and equipment
  • Test and adjust additional water parameters (calcium, magnesium, alkalinity, etc.)

Marine Aquarium Maintenance Plan

$ 180 Starting at per visit
  • All services from Base & Deluxe Aquarium Maintenance Plan plus:
  • Inspect health and growth of corals and invertebrates
  • Marine environment water parameter testing
  • Trace element supplementation
  • Protein skim surface
  • Equipment maintenance: Check and clean the pumps and powerheads.
  • Algae control

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