NAFB Fish Exchange Program Toronto
NAFB Fish Exchange Program In Toronto

Fish Exchange Program

Welcome to our Fish Exchange Program!

We understand that as your fish grow or your aquarium changes, you may need to rehome some of your aquatic pets. That's why we've created a program to help you exchange your fish for new ones that better suit your aquarium needs.

Fish Exchange Program

How the fish exchange program works:

1. Contact us by phone or email and tell us why you want to exchange your pet fish.

2. Bring your fish to our store.

3. Our experienced staff will evaluate your fish's health and temperament to ensure they are suitable for our exchange program.

4. We'll offer you credit towards the purchase of new fish based on the value of your exchanged fish.

Common reasons to exchange your fish include:

Outgrown your aquarium: As your fish grow, they may become too large for your aquarium. Rather than keep them in cramped conditions, you can exchange them for smaller fish that will be a better fit for your tank.

Aggression towards tank mates: Some fish are naturally aggressive and may not get along with other species in your aquarium. If your fish is causing problems, you can exchange them for a more peaceful species.

Exploring new options: If you’ve had the same fish for a long time and are curious about trying out some different fish, you can exchange them for new and exciting species.

Timid fish: If your fish is shy or stressed, not eating, socializing with other tank mates, or swimming around freely after a couple of weeks, it may not be thriving in its current environment. This could be due to factors such as water conditions, tank mates, tank size, or decor. To ensure the well-being of your fish, consider exchanging it for a one that will be better suited to your aquarium, and we’ll provide your shy fish with a more comfortable and enjoyable habitat.

At our store, we have a wide selection of fish to choose from, including freshwater and saltwater species. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect fish for your aquarium and provide advice on how to care for them.

Don’t let unwanted fish take up valuable space in your aquarium – exchange them for new and exciting species at our Fish Exchange Program!

NAFB Fish Exchange Program In Ontario

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