Custom Saltwater & Freshwater Tanks In Ontario

Custom Build Your Dream Aquarium

Custom aquariums offer a unique and personalized solution for enthusiasts who want to create the perfect environment for your aquatic pet.

We design aquariums to fit your specific needs and style to complement your home or office and provide the perfect environment for your fish to thrive.


NAFB has installed custom aquariums in offices nationwide, from small tanks in waiting rooms to large reefs in boardrooms. Our skilled craftsmen have created beautiful aquariums that are both functional and enjoyable to look at.

If you are looking for a way to add a little bit of life to your office, consider a custom aquarium from North American Fish Breeders.

Custom-Aquarium at NAFB


There is something special about seeing a small slice of the ocean in your own home. NAFB has been working with families, interior designers, and architects for years to make this dream a reality. We install some of the finest aquariums in private residences.

Custom Luxury Aquariums

At NAFB, we take pride in creating beautiful custom aquariums that are unique works of living art.

We have installed aquariums in homes and offices across Ontario, from small tanks to large reef systems. No matter your specific needs, we can create an installation that will exceed your expectations.

Custom-Aquarium NAFB

Custom Aquarium Designs & Installations

Custom Luxury Design

NAFB creates luxury aquariums that fit beautifully and seamlessly into your home or office. Following a personal consultation with our experienced team, we will create a design to match your desires, decor, and expectations.

Your aquarium will become an integral part of your living or working environment; therefore, we will ensure that visual and functional design elements are of the highest standard. We use only the best materials to construct your unique aquarium and filtration system.

Luxury finishing touches and expert aqua-scaping ensure a final result that is as stylish as beautiful.

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